We are deeply appreciative and grateful to the following individuals and companies every day:

Mike J.: Design and Labor
Lucy J.: Design and Labor
S B: Drawings/CAD

Catalyst MakerSpace: Storage, Workshop, tools and equipment
Wood Floor Experts: Flooring design and installation in the Tech-Mobile.
Signs By Tomorrow: Vehicle signage and graphics

Seeking Sponsors For:
Solar Panels
: Tires
: General vehicle equipment/supplies
: Deep Cycle Batteries
: Vehicle Restoration equipment, tools, paint, general supplies
: Brakes
CE: Composite materials/fabrics/epoxy
Metals supplier
: Carburetor systems
O-Intake system
I: Interior components
I: Steering systems
JBL: Speakers, Vehicle amplification systems
L-Welding Equipment
LWS: Insulation/general supplies
ME: General Vehicle Products/Disc hubcaps
PRTNX: Ignition/coil system
: Vehicle restoration videos/suppliers/services
P-products: Lubrication and oils
THDPT: General Supplies
Video Monitors:
Vprint: Event graphics and signage
S Wifi node, tablets/etc.

Volunteers/Other Support: Minh, Jerald (Fabrication Work) and to the others who sponsor us monthly who do not want to be mentioned-WE THANK YOU!
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